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Crush has a host of soft drinks in a number of flavours; Cola, Strawberry, Lemondae, Orange, Fruit Cocktail, Pineapple along with Crush Natural Artesian Water

Island Chill is Nature’s purest, precious drops from the islands of Fiji. Sourced from the most exotic, pristine, tropical islands of Fiji, amid the lush rainforests.

Gold Stone. Gold Stone Rum & Cola 9% is one of Fiji’s best alcoholic beverage.

Bourbon Bluez Whiskey & Cola 9% is an alcoholic beverage which is new and has that refreshing feeling.

National No 1 are made with the top tea leaves sourced from around the world for a rich natural taste and aroma. Tea is grown without the use of any chemical pesticides.

GreenFields has long premium long grain and calrose rice available in different quantities 2kg, 4kg and 10kg

Rasna has delicious drinks with uncompromised quality and offering value for money soft drinks with fruits and nutrition.

Bright n Shine provides top quality fabric care products such as bright n shine detergent powder and dishwashing products such as Bright n Shine dishwashing paste.

Parle provides a wide range of products. From Biscuits and Cookies which include Parle G, Monaco, KrackJack, Hide & Seek Cookies and more. Rusk which is the ideal accompaniment to your evening chai

Premium Island provides a number of canned products such as canned fish and canned fruits along with peanut butter and salted plus chilli tinned peanuts

US Cola is a beverage which comes in the form of a can 330ml, 600ml bottle, 1l bottle and 2.5l bottle.